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In our fast-moving times, packed with all kinds of consumption, we sometimes spend money on things that are not necessarily existentially necessary. We let ourselves be seduced by the oversupply, want to keep up with others and prove something to ourselves.

Debts are quickly created that, in the worst case, can no longer be controlled and can not be eliminated on their own. A fact that every 10th has to fight in our beautiful country.

Around 8 million Germans are over-indebted. In addition, there are those who use loans or have borrowed money by other means. Ascending trend. For many of them, a loan seems to be the last resort out of debt. He should summarize and pay off the liabilities. At best, with the help of small handy installments, which can be comfortably operated with the help of monthly income.

There are two different ways of taking credit despite debts. What are these and what should be considered, we have summarized here once for you.

Debt is not a trivial offense

In order to get the most out of taking a loan despite debt, it is important that you know that debt is not a trivial offense. Unfortunately, they have become a matter of course in our time, because all sorts of things can be financed and so no one really thinks anymore, whether he can really afford the things or not. Therefore, the mountain of debt is also growing more and more, which eventually can no longer be controlled.

If you want to take out a loan despite debts, then you should not do this to accumulate new debts, but to summarize and reduce the old debt. The expert speaks in this context also like a rescheduling.

If, on the other hand, you were to incur further debts, at some point the great awakening will come. Namely, when the bailiff is at the door or the account was seized. So that it does not even come so far, should be done in time and above all right. With a loan despite debt, which ensures order and security in the finances.

A loan despite debt with private credit

A loan despite debt with private credit

If your debts are only superficial and therefore not yet recorded in the private credit, you have the best chance of getting a loan despite private credit, because then you can use regular loan offers and you do not have to look for alternatives.

Calculate your debts and make sure that even small amounts are not forgotten. If you want to eliminate your debts with the help of a loan despite debts, then this must always be done correctly and completely. Otherwise, the whole project can fail.

Then consider what monthly rate you can comfortably tolerate. Compare your income to spending and see how much financial leeway there is for debt despite debt. Do not plan too close. You have to be able to repay the loan to the bank for many months. Therefore, opt for a smaller, rather than too high a rate.

With your preliminary considerations, you can then go in search of a suitable loan offer for a loan despite debts. With the help of a comparison calculator you will succeed with certainty.

A loan despite private credit without questioning the private credit

However, if the debts are so extensive and sustainable that they already appear in the private credit, borrowing from one of the traditional banking houses is hardly possible. They do not give credit to consumers who have a negative reputation. You would have to be able to name at least one guarantor in such a case in order to be heard at all at this point.

Try your luck with credit intermediaries or abroad. Credit intermediaries work with private investors who provide your money and get a decent return. A win-win situation for everyone involved, which also benefits you, as you get a loan that otherwise might not be possible.

Foreign banks, however, make their own money available. However, they have the advantage that they can not query the German private credit from abroad. Your debts are therefore not an issue when borrowing.

However, do not forget that banks abroad know very well why you want to take out a loan there. After all, they are the detour you usually only go through when you have problems and can not get credit on the regular way.

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