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Looking for loans with a payroll?

If you are on this page it means that you are looking for construction payroll loans. Today, with apobank, you can obtain a quote for a transfer of the fifth in all simplicity, even if you have a voice in the payroll.

Compared to the past, where the building was not well valued by banks and financial institutions, it is possible in many cases to obtain financing even if you work in the construction industry and you have this type of voice on the salary, reading the whole article we will give you some useful details to understand how it works.

Loans to building employees: what is the most suitable loan?

Loans to building employees: what is the most suitable loan?

Getting liquidity, with the advent of the real estate crisis, has become difficult for both the construction companies and their employees. The best solution for building employees nowadays is to get a one-fifth of salary construction. With this type of financing we can also provide important figures provided that:

The applicant has been employed for an indefinite period for at least 3 years


Whether on the pay check (for example), a voice such as building cashier in Milan, cashier building in Turin, cashier in Rome in order to make the specific request for this product

If you are part of those employees who have the above requirements, you can access a building loan with more ease than before, even if you have tried with other bacnche or flank and the request has been rejected (there are few operators who at the moment they allow access to this loan formula).

Building loan loan: what are the characteristics?

Building loan loan: what are the characteristics?

To obtain a building loan, you need a few documents to evaluate an estimate without obligation, you will need to provide, for example, a copy of:

– Identity card
– Fiscal Code
– Last paycheck
– Model Cud 2018

In a few hours you will be able to find out what liquidity you can have on the basis of a careful analysis of your documentation that will be carried out by specialized operators and authorized to operate according to the law.

We would like to clarify that all building estimates are still subject to approval by the granting institution but with good probability you will get your loan in a few days.

Building loan loan: what are the main features?

Building loan loan: what are the main features?

The main characteristics of the construction funds loans are those of the assignment of the fifth salary, namely:

– Single signature.
– Fixed installment for the entire duration of the sale.
– Fixed rate for the whole duration.
– Repayment times from 24 to 120 months.
– Without cost purpose.
– Directly to your home.
– Even in the presence of other loans or mortgages.
– No feasibility problems for bad payers.
– Even in the presence of protests and foreclosures.
– Even in the presence of payroll construction.

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